Angora Fiber:

We all know that if we want to stay warm we wear REAL 100% wool, but did you know that angora fiber is up to 7x warmer than wool and has superior heat retention, thanks to the air in the center channels of the fiber? 

With the growing trend of outdoor enthusiasts, off-gridders, and survival preppers, the need to stay truly  warm has become all the more important and can't be trusted to synthetic clothing. Angora fiber, yarn and knitted items will do the job commercial goods and synthetic fibers can't dream of accomplishing.

When we think of angora fiber, that image of the fluffy, incredibly soft knitted item from our past comes to mind. Then, the images of the incredibly cruel commercial angora industry shatter that heavenly image. That cruel commercial industry may have much to do with why this magnificent fiber has been avoided and then forgotten in this modern age.

As such, ethical angora fiber is usually only found among rabbit keepers who know how to spin their own yarn and has been a long kept secret.  Sugar Bug Farm is excited to offer this incredible, kindly harvested fiber.

As you check out our angora products, know that as the percentage of angora increases in a blend, so does the amazing heating attributes. When they are raised beyond humanely, you not only stay warm, but you feel good about purchasing it, too.


Pygora Fiber:

Pygora fiber comes from the Pygora goat and is a strong, silky, lustrous fiber, with yarn having incredible drape. If you spin a raw cloud of fiber, you will feel like Rumplestitlskin spinning fiber into the magic yarn.  Pygora goats are an amazing addition to any herd. In addition to this luxury fiber, they can be multipurpose goats by providing sweet, cream milk. 

We are thrilled to offer a selection of pygora fiber and yarns for you to try for yourself.

Goat Milk Soaps

We are so excited to offer soaps made with the milk from our organically raised, not grain fed, herd of mini dairy goats.

Of all the toxin reducing choices you can make, handmade soap is the most impressive value with the greatest impact. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and what you put on it makes a HUGE deal. If you have already made the switch to handmade, you may be realizing what goes into the handmade soap goes on ingredients matter!!

Sugar Bug Farm soaps NEVER use soy, palm oil or vegetable oil, in an effort to help stop deforestation. We use only sustainable and organic ingredients whenever possible, then we add our beyond humanely raised goat milk to our recipe. Goat milk adds a myriad of nutrients and vitamins, as well as antibacterial qualities.

But we don't stop there. As much as we love good smelling bars of soap, we refuse to add anything that may add toxins to what we create, which is why we don't use so called 'essential oils'. We know a true toxin free essential oil would be cost prohibitive to add to soap in the qualities necessary to survive the curing process.  All of our cold press soaps are unscented, giving you the purest handmade we can create. 

We do offer one recipe of french milled soap, to which we add truly toxin free essential oils. This is a different process than cold press soaps, but it still provides all the qualities of the ingredients and goat milk, while providing a safe way to add beneficial aromas to the bars.

Our soaps are likely the purest handmade soaps you can find.