Our Farm

We are a small, family run farm, specializing in bringing animal lovers handcrafted products made from organic, beyond humanely raised animals. These products include yarns, soaps, hand knits and much more.


The way you would, if you could

Sugar Bug Farm raises our animals the way any animal-lover would, if they had the space or time. Our practices take the individual animal's needs into consideration and use species appropriate, holistic and organic care. From the fiber and milk that is produced, our handmade items are

 created the way any organically-minded person would make it, if they had the time to make it themselves. We add only pure, organic, environmentally friendly and toxin free ingredients, to bring it all together into the specialty items you will find on our product pages.


Confidence in our products

You can feel good about using our products, because they have been created by a devoted organic, animal loving, earth protecting momma, originally for her wee Sugar Bugs. With the help of the wee Sugar Bugs, we bring these beyond humane, pure, top quality items to you.  


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