Angora Fiber:

Not only is angora fiber is unbelievably soft, it is up to 7x warmer than wool and has superior heat retention, thanks to the air in the center channels of the fiber. When true warmth is needed, not only is real wool is a must, but the addition of angora creates a fabric that goes beyond warm to completely comfortable. As the percentage of angora increases, so do these attributes.   


Pygora Fiber:

Comes from the  Pygora goat and is a strong, silky, lustrous fiber with incredible  drape. When knit or crocheted, the finished garment has a shimmer unlike  anything you have ever seen. As a rare fiber, pygora is a luxurious  addition to any project.   

 Every one of our soaps are made with the goat milk from our organically raised, not grain fed, herd of mini dairy goats. Goat milk adds amazing qualities like nutrients that can not only help remove dead skin cells, but also the vitamins needed to help repair and rebuilding of new skin cells. It is an amazing deep , yet gentle cleanser, while at the same time providing one of a kind moisturizing. While you are getting clean, the added goat milk soap goes even further to help fight germs, too. Goat milk is amazing! We can't say enough good things about goat milk in soap and we hope you love it as much as we do!

To help protect the environment from further deforestation, we NEVER use soy, palm or vegetable oil in the making of our soaps.